Temporary Paper Blinds: The Perfect Interim Solution

RediShade is excited to announce the launch of our innovative, new temporary paper blinds in Australia and New Zealand. We recently unveiled these at the BMAA SuperExpo trade exhibition on the Gold Coast.

These blinds are specifically designed to cater to the needs of people who are waiting for their custom blinds, shutters or curtains to arrive. We aim to provide a seamless and elegant solution for the interim period, solving a common problem faced by consumers. 

In this blog, we will explore the features and benefits of our new temporary paper blinds, focusing on how they provide a temporary yet sustainable shading solution.

The Need for an Interim Solution

The introduction of these paper blinds brings immense benefits to consumers across Australia and New Zealand. 

Waiting for custom window coverings to arrive can be a frustrating experience for people who have just moved into a new house or are renovating their existing space. Traditionally, consumers have had to endure the lack of privacy, excessive light entry, and unwanted heat that comes with uncovered windows. 

Furthermore, unforeseen issues such as material delays or manufacturing glitches can sometimes leave people without blinds for an extended period. This can leave them feeling dissatisfied and inconvenienced. 

Recognising this problem, we have developed a range of temporary paper blinds to bridge the gap and provide an effective solution until their permanent blinds are ready. 

Features and Benefits of Temporary Paper Blinds

Temporary paper blinds offer a range of benefits for end consumers. These blinds provide a practical and cost-effective solution for people who are waiting for their custom window coverings to arrive. 

With easy installation and removal, adjustable height, and versatile design options, these blinds offer convenience and flexibility. They allow customers to regain privacy, control light and heat entry, and create a comfortable living environment. 

Privacy and Light Control 

Our temporary paper blinds allow users to regain control over their privacy and light entry. Whether it’s blocking out the prying eyes of neighbours or reducing glare on screens, these blinds offer an effective solution. 

The white light-filtering design gently diffuses natural light, creating a warm and inviting ambiance, while the black blockout design provides maximum light control, making them ideal for shift workers who need to sleep during the day, or baby's room etc.

Heat Reduction

In addition to privacy and light control, temporary paper shades can also help regulate the entry of heat into the room. During the waiting period for custom window coverings, customers may face uncomfortable temperatures due to direct sunlight. These blinds act as a temporary barrier, reducing heat transfer and maintaining a more comfortable indoor environment.

Easy Installation and Removal

Temporary paper blinds are incredibly easy to install. You or your customers can simply trim to size using any utility knife, peel the shade liner and stick the blinds directly to the window frame, window glass or even the wall above the frame. 

This hassle-free installation process saves time and effort for both customers and retailers.

Set Your Own Height 

This temporary solution also offers the flexibility of adjustable height control. These blinds are easy for users to adjust to the desired level, ensuring perfect coverage for their windows. 

This customisation feature adds to the versatility of the blinds, catering to a wide range of window sizes and shapes, including normal and arched windows.

Versatile Design Options

These window covering solutions are available in two main design options: Original Paper Shades and Original Arch Shades

The Original Paper Shades provide a clean and modern look, suitable for any room décor. On the other hand, the Original Arch Shades are designed to fit perfectly into arched windows, maintaining a cohesive aesthetic throughout the space. 

The Original Paper Shades are available in white light-filtering and black blockout options, allowing your customers to choose the style that best suits their needs. The arch shades are supplied in white for both the light filter and light blocking versions.


The launch of our new temporary blinds marks a significant breakthrough in the window covering industry. Designed specifically to cater to the needs of customers waiting for custom window coverings, these blinds provide a temporary, disposable solution that enhances privacy, light control, and heat reduction. 

With their easy installation, customisable height, and versatile design, Redi Shade blinds are set to become an indispensable product for end consumers across the Australia and New Zealand.

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