25th Anniversary of Artscape

Artscape is excited to announce our 25th anniversary this month!

What began as an idea to create privacy and décor for windows, would become Artscape Inc., the originator and leading brand of the window film category.  

Established in 1998, Artscape started with a few decorative and privacy window film designs at two Home Depot stores in San Francisco. With a high customer demand, the brand quickly expanded to thousands of stores around the country and internationally. Artscape’s introduction of window film products was embraced by a strong and loyal customer base that grew over time. Today Artscape is offered through many leading retail chains such as Home Depot, Lowes, and Ace Hardware. Artscape is also widely available online at Amazon, Target, Menards, Wayfair, Staples, etc. You can also find our premium films in the EU, Canada, Mexico, Japan, and the Middle East.

Over the years, the brand has become the premier DIY window film company in the world. Designs and products evolved over time with respect to the history and evolution of the brand. 

With growth, comes change and we are excited to share some of the current changes happening within Artscape. In 2022, Artscape was acquired by The Embellence Group which specializes in premium pattern-based home decor brands. Artscape now sits alongside design brands around the world who are leaders in their respective categories.

To commemorate 25 years of business offering premium privacy and decorative window films, Artscape is proud to debut an updated brand logo and website. Artscape’s new look reflects the product quality and current brand direction.



Artscape also has a new "mark" and a curated selection of branding colors that match the direction and essence of the company.



Artscape will continue to offer the same high-quality product you depended on for the last 25 years with a new elevated and contemporary look!

Here is a sampling of some current photography and designs that support the new brand direction. Stay tuned for more exciting updates soon!


bathtub and window film


image in bedroom

floral window film drawing a design

 holding up glass Photo Credit: Christopher Dibble Photography

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